Case Studies

Taking Back Their Dining Room And Kitchen

John and Alison had been considering a kitchen remodel for almost two years. They needed to get back the space in their formal dining room, which wasn’t being used. They had a lot of wasted space, but ironically, they wanted more space. In their kitchen, they also had floor and carpet damage from the dishwasher leaking. They were concerned about a long renovation project...Read More

Cooking Up Big Style

Beatrice was thrilled to move into her new home in Columbia, but she knew she would have to do something about her outdated kitchen. Her new home was previously under foreclosure and originally designed without a kitchen. Although the selling bank had installed a builder-grade kitchen, it left much to be desired. Beatrice knew she could add tremendous value and livability to her humble home by investing in a kitchen remodel...Read More

A Room with a View and the Space to Enjoy It

Matt and Janet's family thought seriously about adding more room and optimizing existing space in their Westminster home for about two years before taking the plunge. Their house was too small, they didn’t like that the master bedroom was tiny and directly connected to the living area, the children’s rooms were too compact, and the kitchen and dining room were in need of updates and repairs from water damage. Everything was original to the home, and Matt and Janet decided it was time to take action...Read More