Granite Countertops

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The sequence of events which brings natural stone from the quarry to the home has not changed much since stone entered the homes of the ancient Greeks…

Large blocks of stone are cut from the quarry. From those blocks, thin pieces of stone are cut, called slabs. The slabs are then shaped and polished and shipped for installation.

Granite is the leading material for your kitchen remodel kitchen countertops, island. Granite is especially substantial for kitchen environments, comes in various styles, colors and finishes, and is reasonably priced. Versatile, resilient and naturally beautiful, granite is an excellent surface for any project you're planning. No other natural stone or engineered stone can match granite's numerous and unique characteristics.

Hard as Rock–Because It Is Rock

One of granite’s strongest selling points is its durability. Since it is made of solid stone that is actually stronger than many metals. Generally, granite consists of a blend of mostly feldspar and quartz. Both of these minerals rate between a 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

Putting that in perspective, diamond is a 10, which means granite is nearly 70% as strong as diamond, the densest natural mineral in the world. Granite will have no issues facing the demands of daily wear and tear.

Scratch and Stain Resistant

Because of its strength and durability, granite is also extremely scratch resistant. In fact, you are more likely to dull your knife on your countertop than you are to scratch the granite. Similarly, due its density, granite is mostly non-porous, meaning it does not easily absorb the dirt and grime that lead to stains. With the addition of a sealant, your granite countertop will be virtually impervious to scratches and stains. This has sanitary benefits as well, since bacteria is unable to fester in the pores of your countertop, which is a problem with many wooden and synthetic materials.

Granite is a product of nature and therefore it is not possible to guarantee replica photographs will exactly match the final countertop that is installed. Each Granite slab is unique with different pattern, texture, shades, and coloring.


Granite Edges

Granite Choices:

Level D - Costa Esmeralda

Level D - Crema Bordeaux

Emerald Pearl

Level D - Maroon Cohiba

Level C - Absolute Black

Level C - Bianco Romano

Level C - Ivory Fantasia

Level C - Black Galaxy

Level B - Santa Cecilia

Level B - Sapphire Brown

Level B - Tan Brown

Level B - Verde Butterfly

Level B - Baltic Brown

Level B - Colonial White

Level B - Giallo Fiorito

Level B - Giallo Ornamental

Level A - Uba Tuba

Level A - Luna Pearl

Level A - Chocolate Brown