Kitchen Cabinets: Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation

Echelon Cabinets are always in style offering a wide range of semi-custom kitchen cabinetry. Quality materials, elegant styles, and all the refinements that make your kitchen a seamless extension of your life. Select from a broad style of doors in five wood species offering a variety of raised center panel, flat center panel, slab, and shaker styles.

The Beauty of Wood

The natural beauty and distinctive appearance of real wood Echelon cabinetry is derived from the inherent qualities / characteristics of wood itself. Trees of the same species, even growing side by side, are affected differently by the climate and elements required for growth. Minerals (nutrients) are absorbed in different ways and at different rates, even within the same tree.

These factors combine to create the distinctive beauty of characteristics like:

Grain pattern variation (very open/wide grain. contrasting with very close/tight grain)
Grain color variation (from even and consistent grain color to varied and quite dramatic)
Unique markings (such as dark "mineral" streaks and light-colored sap wood)


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Certified Stewards of the Environment.

Certified Stewards of the EnviornmentParticipants are held to strict requirements in support of responsible forest management that promotes sustainability and long-term economic and environmental benefit. This responsibility includes recycling of wood byproducts, using low VOC finishes and CARB approved plywood limiting the use of additional formaldehyde.