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Design Your Ideal Kitchen Remodel With These Upcoming Trends in Kitchen Remodeling in Eldersburg, MD

Kitchen remodeling projects can be costly, but also hugely effectual on the way you live in, and take advantage of, your space. These rooms are highly utilized in most homes, for all sorts of activities not limited to cooking alone, so you want it to be an area people feel inclined to spend time in. Whether you’ve got the intention and resources to do an entire remodel, or just want a few updates to improve the look, check out some of the hottest styles today in kitchen remodeling in Eldersburg, MD.

Think Gray

While classic white for cabinets continues to reign supreme, gray is making serious headway into frontrunner status for these fixtures. It debuted on the scene within the past few years, and it’s already becoming hugely popular with no signs of slowing down. It’s also a much more updated choice when compared to the camels, khakis and beiges that have been in style over the previous several decades.

Keep Your Kitchen in Line With All Other Rooms

Because modern homes often feature open floor plan designs in contrast to the styles of the past, it’s important to remember this when doing kitchen remodeling in Eldersburg, MD. If your family room is completely open to the kitchen, and anyone in each room can see everything going on in the next, it’s crucial to marry and harmonize the decor. Consider adding some accent colors used in one room in the other, or integrating old and new components so that the room looks like it’s been added to over time rather than all at once.

The Classic Black and White Combo

Black and white will never completely go out of style for kitchen remodeling in Eldersburg, MD. It’s all centered around high contrast, but it also aptly straddles the line between modern and traditional. You can try white cabinets and black granite countertops, or the reverse. People often shy away from using black on cabinets as they fear it will make a small kitchen appear smaller, but it actually can create drama and a pleasing aesthetic, as long as there’s a light color included for balance.


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