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Carroll County MD Master Bedroom Addition

Carroll County MD Master Bedroom Addition

Carroll County MD Master Bedroom Addition

Building on a Master Bedroom Addition this Carroll County MD family optimized and updated their home, creating their own personalized retreat.

Carroll County MD Master Bedroom Addition

Meet Matt and Janet – they thought seriously about adding more room and optimizing existing space in their home for about two years.  Adding a master bedroom addition would eliminate their concerns:

  1. Their house was too small.
  2. They didn’t like that the master bedroom was tiny and directly connected to the living area.
  3. The children’s rooms were also too compact.
  4. The kitchen and dining room were in need of updates and repairs from water damage.

As everything was original to the home, Matt and Janet decided it was time to take action.

Choosing A Contractor

Researching contractors on Home Advisor, they choose Merrell Building Enterprise because of the professional approach, communication, focus, and commitment to quality products and services. They ultimately were pleased with their choice because Merrell was able to suggest money-saving designs that did not sacrifice aesthetics or features.

Exceeding Expectations

When construction manager Moses evaluated the project, he suggested that instead of raising the roof a less expensive option would be to bump out the side of the house. Had Matt and Janet not been aware of this money saving alternative, their project would have come in over budget. He also advised them to change the direction of the shower door swing, saving valuable square footage.

“We appreciated Moses’ approach. He listened, gave options, and didn’t push for the more expensive choices,” says Matt

• Saved money by extending out instead of up
• Optimized existing and added additional space
• Excellent communication was the key to a successful project
• High-quality addition enhanced curb appeal and value of home

Matt and Janet are extremely happy with their master bedroom addition.  The optimized living space created a great look and added function & flow to their Carroll County MD home.

“We would use Merrell again in a heartbeat and highly recommend them to others!” exclaims the couple.

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Since 1989, Merrell Building Enterprise has been exceeding the needs of Carroll County MD residents for home improvement and remodeling needs.

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