Cabinetry by Echelon

Cabinets with Style & Function

To create your dream kitchen update, start by choosing the perfect kitchen cabinetry.  Remember, understanding your family’s unique needs is the key to a comfortable and functioning update.  We use Echelon Cabinetry. They are proud members of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, a non-profit trade association that has educated and led the kitchen and bath industry since 1963.  Importantly, they offer a semi-custom cabinet line with a wide range of stylish options.  Additionally, each of their products are quality inspected for cleanliness and smoothness.

Kitchen Cabinets in Your Budget

In addition to style, Echelon’s cabinet variety is affordable.  With three level options to choose from, you have the freedom to improve your kitchen’s design and storage capacity at a cost that falls within your budget.  You can expect a great
experience building and enjoying your beautiful new kitchen.

Door And Finish Guide

The Ascent Collection provides high-quality cabinetry with customer preferred styles for making a great kitchen come together.

Elevate your kitchen experience with the Prestige Collection. Premium finishes, elegant styles and customizable organizational accessories that truly reflect your personality and lifestyle.

Experience inspiration every day with the finest-built cabinetry. The Summit Collection combines solid-wood doors, expansive styles and premium finishes – plus all of the organizational accessories you need to create the dream kitchen that was truly built for you.

No matter your styles & tastes, we have kitchen cabinetry options to make your renovation a seamless extension of your home.  From traditional to contemporary to transitional, Echelon cabinets deliver quality with exceptional craftsmanship and value.

To create your dream kitchen, start by choosing the perfect kitchen cabinetry.

Let us help customize a kitchen design to create the room you want and the additional cabinetry you desire.


Traditional Style Cabinetry


Kitchen Cabinetry Travino


Transitional Kitchen Cabinetry

The Beauty of Wood

The Beauty of Wood cabinetry comes from the inherent qualities & characteristics of the wood itself.  As such, trees of the same species are affected differently by climate and elements required for growth.  For example, minerals are absorbed in different ways and at different rates, even within the same tree.  For these reasons, your kitchen cabinetry is unique and one-of-a-kind.

These factors combine to create the distinctive beauty of characteristics:

Grain pattern variation (open and wide graining contrasting with tightly closed graining)

Grain color variation (from even and consistent grain color to varied and quite dramatic)

Unique markings (such as dark mineral streaks and light-colored sap wood)

Cabinet Accessories

Kitchen Cabinetry Accessories
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