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Modern versus Contemporary Cabinetry 

What is the difference between modern and contemporary?  By definition, “contemporary” refers to the period we’re living in at the moment.   Therefore, this style changes and flows with the “current” trends.  On the other hand, modern spaces tend to follow a strict format of balance, clean lines, and minimal decor.  Keep in mind, “less is more” can easily be the motto for both.  Each style is typically simple and uncluttered, opting for smooth lines with a splash of artistic flair.  Think reflective surfaces, exposed woods, metals, and glass.

In the same way, Contemporary Cabinetry is typically simplistic, but also varied.  As Trendir points out, “From minimalist wood to stainless steel to pure glass, modern cabinetry can excite and surprise with creativity.”  However, clean lines and minimal embellishment are still the hallmarks of the contemporary style.

Trevino Slab

The alluring beauty of Trevino’s beautiful clear grain maple is masterfully fashioned with a flair of modern day styling.  The Shaker style, ever-popular, has a timeless look for any home’s décor.  Characteristically, the wide door frames make a bold statement of elegance.

Carlisle Slab

The Carlisle door style achieves today’s sleek lines of contemporary and modern décor. The solid doors are full overlay with a slab panel door design. Carlisle’s door and drawer profile edges are slightly radiused and the fully concealed hinges accentuate its simplicity and smooth styling.  Available in maple or enamel painted finishes.

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