Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Inline sliding shower doors maximize floor space.  For your convenience, we offer several levels of sliding door enclosures for your tub or shower.  Sliding shower doors with simple function and amazing looks.  Get Inspired – visit our Shower Door Gallery page.

Semi-Frameless Enclosures

Semi-frameless can often be a confusing term.  Typically, semi-frameless sliding shower doors have wall jambs, a drip track, and a header for the rollers to slide in.  The individual panels themselves, however, have no frame, hence their “frameless” designation.  These units are a good choice for a couple of reasons.  First, the glass is thicker than it’s framed counterpart, using 1/4″ or 3/8″ glass.  This thickness, additionally, gives the unit a sturdier feel.  Secondly, there’s still plenty of metal with these units making them more easily adjustable.

Frameless Enclosures

Frameless sliding shower doors are the high-end choice of enclosures for your tub or shower.  Like the semi-frameless units, frameless enclosures use heavy 3/8″ glass giving that sturdier feel.  Conversely, they do so without the considerable metal support, such as a header system or channel. That being said, frameless shower doors can have metal header support atop the units, which is why the terminology can be confusing. Even with a metal header, these systems are still “frameless” because there is no metal between the panels or doors to keep them secure. It is very low-profile metal channel at the base of the glass that performs this function.

With so many options, your shower door will match the beauty and function of your bathroom.

Sliding Shower Door Enclosure

Alumax 340 / 350 Delux

Sliding Shower Door Enclosure

This upscale frameless sliding enclosure incorporates classic European styling. It is evident in the rounded header and such appointments as the clear 1/4″ glass panels with through-the-glass towel bars.  Frameless panels glide easily on adjustable rollers above the easy-clean Open-Track.

Alumax 1040 / 1050

Alumax ProLine

ProLine sliders feature minimal hardware and frameless heavy glass for a truly open and contemporary appearance. The inline sliding door maximizes floor space, eliminating the need for out-swinging doors. Custom 90 degree return kits are available for multiple configurations. Choose from a variety of pull knobs and handles to complete the package.

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