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Redefine Your Kitchen With Zones

Redefine Your Kitchen With Zones


Merrell Building has helped homeowners throughout Maryland rescue their outdated kitchens for more than 20 years.  Specializing in residential remodeling, we complete kitchen remodeling projects frequently.  Importantly, bringing a fresh look and added function to every kitchen remodeling project is our goal.  With that in mind, understanding your family’s unique needs is the key to a successful kitchen remodel.  Obviously, kitchens today provide much more than meals.  Kitchen’s are the gathering place for friends and family, a homework center, and even a computer workspace or home office. Kitchen zones, additionally, allow you to maximize style and function. Cabinetry organizational solutions are comprised of pantries, pull-out shelves, and lazy susans.  With that in mind, using cabinets to create zones, helps create a kitchen space that’s efficient, organized, and beautiful.


– Food Storage – Prep Zone – Cooking Zone – Tableware Storage – Cleaning Zone –

Food Storage 

Obviously, adding cabinetry significantly increase storage space.  This is something every homeowner can get excited about, but it can also declutter your kitchen.  Especially in smaller kitchens, it’s important to put every space to use.  The goal of this zone is to provide drawers that store provisions out of the way yet within reach of the cook. Pantry cabinets enable you to plan and organize your food storage so that frequently used items can be reached without bending.  In addition, mid-level drawers can be pulled out separately for unimpeded access from above. You should be able to see and reach every accessory with ease. Importantly, keeping distances short and cutting the time you spend on any activity optimizes your workflow.

Food Prep

Create restaurant like efficiency by keeping all your essential tools close at hand in the Prep Zone. For maximum efficiency, this zone should be adjacent to the Cooking Zone.  Ideally then, food and cooking utensils should be near your stove and under wall units.  Cutting boards, knives, spices, and small appliances can all find a home with solutions.  Also in this zone, the goal is to incorporate useful cabinet options to store oils, condiments and spices within easy reach, where you need them the most. Popular items include: spice racks and full extension pull-outs, which provide complete visibility and immediate access.

Cleaning & Waste Zone

Make cleanup a breeze with a well designed Cleaning Zone; centered around your kitchen sink.  This space is an excellent spot to incorporate cabinetry such as pull-out storage for cleaning items. Base unit pull-outs are ideal for towels and cleaning agents.  In the same manner, extra large drawers provide ample space to store larger items, like buckets and cleaners.  Another great way to optimize storage space for your cleaning products is to install an under-the-sink drawer.  Additionally, hiding waste and recycling containers in cabinets gives you more floor space. Also, increase this zone’s efficiency by designing it in proximity to your Cooking, Storage, and Tableware Zones.  In this way, dirty dishes from the cooking zone go right to clean up.  Then, clean dishes from the dishwasher can be easily stored away to the Cutlery Zone.


“While the house as a whole is among the more traditional and conservative elements of society, the kitchen is quickest within the house to reflect new concepts of comfort and convenience. It is here one finds technology changing fastest. Yet the kitchen’s traditional role as the hub of family life remains.” – Merritt Ierley, The Comforts of Home

Kitchen Zones help maximize space and create an efficient, organized, and beautiful environment.  Additionally, they improve the organizational flow allowing your kitchen to meet your lifestyle, culinary interest, and aesthetic preferences.  Again, understanding your family’s unique needs is the key to a comfortable kitchen space.  Therefore, it’s important to consider the following:

  1. Number of cooks
  2. Frequency of meals
  3. Types of meals prepared
  4. Other functional areas required


Kitchen Zones

Think of Kitchen Zone design as an extension for the tried and true traditional work triangle theory.  Zones are just the natural evolution of the kitchen work triangle.  Zones, also, don’t have to be limited to function but can include practical and fun options.  Consider a zone for guests or, create a kid-friendly zone.  Whatever you’re families unique needs are, Merrell Building can help you through your options.

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