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If you were shopping for a car, would you buy your next vehicle based only on the dealership’s verbal descriptions?

Merrell Building Enterprise, Inc. realizes that every builder has a different vision for your project. How do you know that the final product is going to look like the way you pictured it in your mind’s eye?

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects include 3D designs allowing you to know exactly what your finished product will look like.

On larger projects requiring architectural design, we’ll guide you through this process working with one of our trusted architect’s to develop your perfect plan. This is usually a two (2) week process and requires a deposit, which is included in your agreement if you contract with us.

What Are People Saying?

What Are People Saying

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It’s difficult to plan a home improvement on your own. We work with you to design additional living and activity space that meets the needs of your family. We can help create the perfect space for you.

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