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Design and Build – how do you know that the final product is going to look like the way you pictured it?

Merrell Building Enterprise realizes that every builder has a different vision for your project. So, from a kitchen remodeling design to an addition design, we are the Maryland home improvement experts that can bring your vision to life.


The traditional approach for construction projects consists of choosing a designer or architect and also a contractor.  This can lead to conflicts between everyone involved and create unnecessary costs. Design/build is a construction industry method to deliver a project in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity. The contractor, engineers, specialty trades, and the homeowner are working as a team.  Bringing all members of a project team together early in the process helps identify and address issues of cost, schedule and constructability. The “team” is able to propose best-value solutions for various construction elements before the design is complete. Therefore, potential change orders are greatly reduced which reduces cost. Ideally, this approach minimizes risks and offers the homeowner a single point of responsibility and also helps reduce overall costs.

Design Options

Bringing Your Bathroom Remodel To Life

During your bathroom remodeling project, we work with you to create a space that’s stylish and functional. During your initial meeting with the owner, Moses Merrell, he’ll establish how you’re currently utilizing the space. Then, he’ll get to work with our bathroom remodeling designers to turn your unique needs into a plan to optimize your bathroom.  Along with that, we’ll help determine the necessary elements for refined functionality, from custom cabinets to custom shower enclosure options. Our team will help bring your vision to life.

Kitchen Remodeling Design – Bringing Your Kitchen Remodel To Life

Obviously, kitchens today provide much more than meals.  Therefore, understanding your family’s unique needs is the key to a comfortable kitchen space.  Kitchen’s are the gathering place for friends & family, a homework center, and even a computer workspace or home office.  Our kitchen remodel projects utilize the traditional work-triangle & the newer concept of zones.  These design ideas add value to your home and don’t break the bank.  We meet your family’s unique needs by allowing you to be a part of the process.  You approve the kitchen remodeling design then, we get to work bringing your new kitchen to life.

Additions – Seeing Your Home Addition Come To Life

In-Law Suite · Sunroom · Master Bedroom · Bump-out · Multi-Room Additions

Whatever kind of addition you’re considering, Merrell Building can help design and build the living space that your growing family needs.  Larger projects, such as home additions, require architectural designs.  We’ll guide you through this process. Working with one of our trusted architect’s, you’ll see your perfect plan set on paper. This is usually a two (2) week process and requires a deposit, which is included in your agreement if you contract with us.

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